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JANUARY 18–25, 2023

PRAYER / WORSHIP: Prayer Cards

2023 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

O God of justice, God of peace, One in the unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, enliven the unity of your Church on earth. Help us to see that our unity goes beyond unity in doctrinal essentials to an active unity of humanity with you and with one another.

Forgive us for not remembering we are brothers and sisters in equity and justice under your law of love. Help us remember that each of us is created in your Divine image and that we share the dignity of being your children. Temper your justice, O Lord, with mercy to forgive and heal our broken relationships.

Unite us in a fellowship that recalls our baptism, which has conquered sin and death, hate and division in the power of the Paschal mystery of Jesus Christ. Grant all this, O Lord, in his name and by the power of your Holy Spirit, now and forever, Amen.