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Ecology and Ecumenicity: Facing Division and Imagining Reconciliation in the Care
of Our Common Home

Friday, June 5
Time TBA
The Interchurch Center, Sockman Lounge
475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115

The ecological crisis is, simultaneously, an ecumenical crisis and an ecumenical opportunity. There can be no degradation nor restoration of the environment, on any scale from local to global, that does not also present a challenge of communication with and commitment to one another, a challenge posed to the religious diversity that coinhabits any environment and must negotiate its resources. The "home" (oikos) we share—however divided and acrimonious it may be—is and must be a home to all. Ecological embeddedness is, we might say, an existing ecumenical unity, however precarious that unity remains.

This roundtable of ecologically-minded theologians and ethicists from a diverse array of Christian churches will take up the questions rising from the entanglement between religious division and ecological degradation. How are we best to understand the causes and ethical entailments of our present ecological challenges through the resources offered by our (different and often disagreeing) religious traditions? What is the role of religious communities (and conversations between differing religious communities) in shaping society’s responses to these challenges? What ecumenical resources exist for engagement between religious communities with apparently incompatible assessments of the present ecological situation? When faced with the opportunity or obligation to care for the environment on a local level, how might we be best equipped to do so in collaboration with those religious others whose environment we share?

This event will be free and open to the public. Symposium panelists and additional details TBA.