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Ecumenical Trends welcomes the submission of articles that consider developments or dynamics of ecumenical/interreligious affairs. We are interested in submissions that are academic, homiletic, reflective, or journalistic; submissions are encouraged from adherents of any religious tradition or none, and co-written articles by members of different traditions are especially welcome. If you are interested in writing a book review for Ecumenical Trends on a recent volume of ecumenical or interreligious significance, or if you are interested in being considered for book reviews by invitation, please contact the editors.

Submissions to Ecumenical Trends may be made by email to the Editor, Dr. Aaron Hollander, at ecutrends@geii.org. Manuscripts should be sent in Microsoft Word or in a Word-compatible format.

Submissions should be between 1000-6000 words in length, and should follow as much as possible the guidelines in the Chicago Manual of Style.

When you submit a manuscript, please include an author bio of roughly 50 words and a mailing address.

What to Expect

The editors strive to respond to submissions within two weeks with an indication of next steps. If an article is accepted for publication, revisions may be requested, and if it is not, revision and resubmission may be encouraged. Accepted articles typically appear in print within 2-4 months.