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Ecumenical Trends is a monthly (except August) journal that publishes articles on the ecumenical and interreligious movements. Ecumenical Trends reports on current trends and progress in these movements around the world. It covers theological consultations, conversations, dialogues and cooperation, and it notes the availability of documents and resources. Ecumenical Trends occasionally publishes the text of dialogue documents.

The Award Winning Ecumenical Trends

For its 2017 Awards program, the Catholic Press Association (CPA) gave two awards to Ecumenical Trends. CPA received 2,688 submissions in 338 categories.

The article “The Prophetic Cry for Justice: A Pentecostal Response to the Racism of Mass Incarceration" by Peter Althouse was recognized as third prize for the Best Feature Article: Professional & Special Interest Magazine, Including Clergy & Religious. In addition, Ecumenical Trends received an Honorable Mention in the category Magazine/Newsletter of the Year: Professional & Special Interest Magazine (Including Clergy & Religious).

Judges commented about Ecumenical Trends “This publication presents 2-3 lengthy, academic or at least well-researched articles in an issue. There are no illustrations, and subheads, numbered sections, and clear-cut design guide readers through the pages. The effect is a serious publication that appears authoritative in its field.”