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Week of Prayer Related Questions:

Q. What are the dates for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity?
A. The suggested dates for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity are January 18 – 25.

Q. How can I order material for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity?
You can download the online Order Form and return with payment to us.

Q. Can I view the material before purchasing?
Yes, you can view Week of Prayer Materials on our website. The materials will be posted online when they become available. You can also purchase the Sample Kit for $7.00 that has the five items we have available for purchasing the daily scripture & prayer guide; ecumenical celebration of the word of God; prayer card; poster and blank worship bulletin cover.

Ecumenical Trends Related Questions:

Q. How do I claim an issue I did not receive?
A. Issues can be claimed by emailing our office at ecutrends@atonementfriars.org  Please reference your account number.

Q. Can I order back issues of Ecumenical Trends?
A. Yes. If the issue is still available we will mail it to you for $2.50 per issue.

Q. Can I order multiple copies of an issue?
A. Yes.  Bulk rates for a single issue are:

1 to 5              $ 3.00 per issue
6 to 10               2.90 per issue
11 to 15             2.80 per issue
16 to 50             2.70 per issue
51 to 100           2.60 per issue
(Postage is included in the price).