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JANUARY 18–25, 2017

Other Resources:
Ecumenical & Interreligious Understanding

2017 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Sources of Ecumenical Information

There are many agencies which can supply materials to help you learn about the ecumenical movement and about personnel involved in the movement. We offer here a select list.

Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute (GEII)
Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute (GEII), which prepares these resources for the Week of Prayer, is an information and service organization in the Roman Catholic Church serving the ecumenical movement and interreligious affairs on the local, regional, national and international levels.
Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute 
475 Riverside Drive, Room 1960 
New York, NY 10115 
Tel 212-870-2330; Fax 212-870-2001
Email: lmnygeii@aol.com Website www.geii.org
The World Council of Churches (WCC)
The World Council of Churches (WCC) is a fellowship of more than 330 churches of the Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox and Old Catholic traditions. These churches gather for study, witness, service and the advancement of unity. The WCC includes in its membership churches in more than 100 countries.
As of January 1st 2010, the US Office no longer exists. Parts of its activities have been taken on by the main WCC offices in Geneva, and parts are managed by the National Council of Churches USA. Website www.oikoumene.org
The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCCCUSA)
The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCCCUSA) is a community of more than 350 Protestant, Anglican and Orthodox churches that makes a common witness through the council and that works together to serve the churches and the world.
National Council of Churches USA
110 Maryland Avenue NE, Suite 108
Washington, DC 20002-5603
Phone: 202-544-2350; Fax: 202-543-1297
Website www.nationalcouncilofchurches.us
NCC's Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches.
Councils of churches or ecumenical/interfaith agencies of your city, county, or state may be able to supply brochures, displays or other resources about their work. Listings for these organizations appear in the NCC's Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches. Local libraries and church offices may carry this reference. It can also be ordered from NCC.
Phone: 202-544-2350
Your own church's regional, judicatory or national ecumenical officer or ecumenical commission can give you information on the ecumenical participation of your denomination.
The National Association of Ecumenical and Interreligious Staff (NAEIS)
The National Association of Ecumenical and Interreligious Staff (NAEIS) is a professional organization for ecumenical and interreligious leaders with membership across the nation. Retired, active and inactive ecumenical professionals available as speakers or resource persons can be identified.
National Association of Ecumenical and Interreligious Staff
P O Box 7093
Tacoma, WA 98406-0093
Tel: (253) 759-0141; Fax: (253) 759-9689
Email: naeisjan@aol.com 
Glenmary Research Center
Glenmary Research Center serves a wide variety of church bodies and offers some useful tools in understanding the religious affiliations and trends of church membership in the United States.
Glenmary Research Center
2 Fifth Avenue, North
Nashville, TN 37208
Tel 615-256-1905; Fax 615-256-1902
Email: ksanchagrin@mhc.edu Website www.glenmary.org
Church Women United (CWU)
Church Women United (CWU) is an ecumenical movement providing Christian women with programs and channels of involvement in church, civic, national and international affairs. For interpretive material, including information on CWU program priorities, social justice actions, and May Friendship, World Community, or Human Rights celebrations, Contact :
Church Women United
475 Riverside Drive, Room 243
New York, NY 10115
Tel 800-298-5551; 212-870-2347; Fax 212-870-2338
Email: cwu@churchwomen.org Website www.churchwomen.org
Churches Uniting in Christ (CUIC)
Churches Uniting in Christ (CUIC) is a relationship among ten Christian communions that have pledged to live more closely together in expressing their unity in Christ and to combat racism together. CUIC is both an outgrowth of the Consultation on Church Union (COCU), an organization that worked for more than 40 years toward the day when Christians can become more fully reconciled to each other. In January 2002, Churches Uniting in Christ succeeded COCU and came into being. CUIC offers a video, newsletter and other publications on its work, including information on its inauguration and goals for the present time.
The Rev. Robina M. Winbush, President
Churches Uniting in Christ
Presbyterian Church (USA)
Associate Stated Clerk and Director
Ecumenical and Agency Relationship
100 Witherspoon St.
Louisville, KY 40202
(888) 728-7228, x5423
Email: robina.winbush@pcusa.org Website: www.churchesunitinginchrist.org

Printed Resources for Ecumenical and Interreligious Understanding

Books, Pamphlets, Articles

A Century of Prayer for Christian Unity. 2009. Catherine E Clifford, editor
This book is a celebration of the one hundred year history of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. It serves as a resource for understanding the theology and practice of common prayer for the reconciliation of the churches. Available from:
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
2140 Oak Industrial Drive, N.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
Website www.eerdmans.com
Bridging Our Faiths. Interreligious Council of San Diego.
Adherents of six religious faiths answer in their own words a set of questions they posed to each other on core beliefs and understandings, practices and holidays. For each faith also, a glossary of terms and reading list.
Available from:
Paulist Press 
997 MacArthur Boulevard 
Mahwah, NJ 07430 
Tel 800-218-1903; 201- 825-7300; Fax 800-836-3161
Email: info@paulistpress.com Website www.paulistpress.com
Christian Unity: How You Can Make A Difference. 2015, Tom Ryan CSP
This work seeks to reignite the fire for the ecumenical movement among today&rsdquo;s church goers. It seeks to provide a clear sense of what the roles all members of the Church can play in the ecumenical movement while examining both the spiritual and theological rootes of ecumenism.
Available from:
Paulist Press 
997 MacArthur Boulevard 
Mahwah, NJ 07430 
Tel 800-218-1903; 201-825-7300; Fax 800-836-3161
Email: info@paulistpress.com Website www.paulistpress.com
Councils of Churches and the Ecumenical Vision. 2000. Diane Kessler and Michael Kinnamon.
A defining reflection. Available from:
World Council of Churches Distribution Center
International Specialized Book Services
920 NE 58th Ave. Suite 300
Portland, OR 97213
Tel 800-944-6190; Fax 503-280-8832
Email: orders@isbs.com Website www.isbscatalog.com
Ecumenical Accountability - Massachusetts Council of Churches. 
Guidelines for developing ecumenical accountability in the areas of worship, pastoral care, protocol, evangelism, and social witness. Available from:
Massachusetts Council of Churches
14 Beacon Street, Room 416
Boston, MA 02108
Tel 617-523-2771; Fax 617-523-1483
Email: council@masscouncilofchurches.org
Website: www.masscouncilofchurches.wordpress.com
Single copies free; bulk rates have a nominal cost.
The Ecumenical Gift Exchange. 1998. Margaret O’Gara. 
Articulate reflection on significant topics by an ecumenical Roman Catholic theologian, teacher and dialogue participant out of her rich involvement with the ecumenical movement. Available from:
Liturgical Press 
St. John's Abbey 
PO Box 7500 
Collegeville, MN 56321 
Tel 800-858-5450; Fax 800-455-5899
Email: sales@litpress.org Website www.litpress.org
Ecumenism 101: A Handbook about the Ecumenical Movement. 1997. Alton M. Motter. 
An engaging 80-page primer on ecumenism—its many facets, its history and development—written by a seasoned ecumenist in question and answer format. Available from:
Forward Movement Publications
412 Sycamore Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Tel 800-543-1813; Fax 513-721-0729
Email: orders@forwarddaybyday.com
Website www.forwardmovement.org
Encounters of Unity: Sharing Faith, Prayer and Life. 1995. G. R. Evans, Lorelei F. Fuchs, SA and Diane C. Kessler, eds.
Autobiographical reflections by ecumenical actors and leaders in varied arenas around the world. Available from:
Morehouse Publishing
PO Box 1321
Harrisburg, PA 17105
Tel 800-877-0012; Fax 717-541-8128
Email: morehouse@morehousegroup.com
Website www.morehousegroup.com
Ending Racism in the Church. 1998. Susan E. Davies and Sr. Paul Teresa Hennessee, SA, eds. 
Essays and case studies developed by a U.S. Faith and Order study group in support of the churches’ common commitment to eradicating racism in Christian circles and in society.
Available from:
United Church Press
700 Prospect Avenue East
Cleveland, OH 44115
Tel 800-537-3394; Fax 216-726-2206
Website www.ucc.org
For the Conversion of the Churches. 1993. Groupe des Dombes. 
A challenge to the divided churches to recognize that their identity is grounded in a continual conversion and that it is on this basis that their unity will be realized.
Available from:
World Council of Churches Distribution Center
International Specialized Book Services
920 NE 58th Ave. Suite 300
Portland, OR 97213
Tel 800-944-6190 ; Fax 503-280-8832
Email: orders@isbs.com Website www.isbscatalog.com
God’s Ecumenical Ministry Shared (GEMS)—A Manual for Persons Involved in Ecumenical Shared Ministry, 1999. General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns, United Methodist Church, 475 Riverside Drive, Room 1300, NY, NY 10115
This tool was developed by the Ecumenical Shared Ministries Roundtable as a tool to guide those who are involved in shared ministries between denominations. In a changing ecumenical world in which churches are joining together in many forms of ministry, this resource manual provides the reader with the history and with tools for those churches bonding together in shared ministry.
Grounds for Understanding: Ecumenical Resources for Responses to Pluralism.1998. Mark S. Heim, ed. 
Exploring the distinctly Christian character of the call to interreligious dialogue, writers from eleven different Christian traditions share their confession's characteristic approaches to the challenges and possibilities raised by religious pluralism, revealing a richness of resources for Christian response to religious diversity.
Available from:
Eerdmans Publishing Company
255 Jefferson Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Tel 800-253-7521; Fax 616-459-6540
Email: sales@eerdmans.com Website www.eerdmans.com
Guidelines for Ecumenical Dialogue on Church-Dividing Issues1998.
Developed by the Christian Conference of Connecticut and its Task Force on Church Dividing Issues, adaptable in any church setting and by ecumenical groups particularly. Available from:
Christian Conference of Connecticut 
60 Lorraine Street 
Hartford, CT 06105 
Tel 860-236-4281; Fax 860-236-9977
Email: ssidorak@aol.com Website www.ctchurches.org
Handbook for Interreligious Dialogue
Prepared by the Faiths in the World Committee and Catholic Association of Diocesan Ecumenical and Interreligious Officers (CADEIO). Includes a general description of many religious traditions, the Roman Catholic document ‘The Attitude of the Church Towards the Followers of Other Religions,’ suggestions for dialogue and further reading. Available from:
Silver Burdett & Ginn
4350 Equity Drive
PO Box 2649
Columbus, OH 43216
Tel 800-552-2259; Fax 800-841-8939
A Handbook of Spiritual Ecumenism,  2007. Cardinal Walter Kasper 
Cardinal Kasper's handbook distills the possibilities of common prayer and witness available to Christians of disparate communions. As a tool of applied ecumenism, this clearly written text provides pastors and teachers with practical ways of engaging others with the mandate to seek unity within the Body of Christ. Available from:
New City Press
202 Cardinal Road
Hyde Park, NY 1253
Tel: 800-462-5980  or 845-229-0335 
How to be a Perfect Stranger: A Guide to Etiquette in Other People’s Religious Ceremonies,  1997. 
What to expect at the worship services, initiation rituals, wedding ceremonies and funerals of different faith groups. A careful, useful resource. Volume 1 covers twenty faith groups in the US, and Volume 2, seventeen more. Order from:
Jewish Lights Publishing
Sunset Farms Offices 
PO Box 237 
Woodstock, VT 05091 
Tel 800-962-4544; 802-457-4000; Fax 802-457-4004
Email: sales@jewishlights.com Website www.jewishlights.com
Interreligious Prayer: A Christian Guide,  2008. Thomas Ryan, CSP
This book serves as a guide and tool for interreligious encounters addressing practical considerations relating to planning and participation in interreligious prayer and activities. Available from: 
Paulist Press 
997 MacArthur Boulevard 
Mahwah, NJ 07430 
Tel 800-218-1903; 201-825-7300; Fax 800-836-3161 
Email: info@paulistpress.com Website www.paulistpress.com
Introduction to Ecumenism,  1998. Jeffrey Gros, FSC, Eamon McManus and Ann Riggs. 
An entry into ecumenical life and thought. Enlightenment on the history, current shape and critical developments in the one ecumenical movement. Available from:
Paulist Press 
997 MacArthur Boulevard 
Mahwah, NJ 07430 
Tel 800-218-1903; 201-825-7300; Fax 800-836-3161
Email: info@paulistpress.com Website www.paulistpress.com
Latino-Hispanic Americans and the Ecumenical Movement: Select Articles.
Carlos F. Cardoza Orlandi, “Now you see it, Now you don’t”: Mission and Ecumenism in a Hispanic/Latino Perspective , Theology Today 54 (Jan 1998) 499-566; Daisy Machado, “Ecumenism in the Barrio”, Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology 3 (Nov 1995) 6-13; Carmelo Alvarez, “Ecumenism in Transition through Spanish Eyes”, Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology 4 (Nov 1996) 60-74; Ricardo Ramirez, “The Challenge of Ecumenism to Hispanic Christians”, Ecumenical Trends 21:8(1992) 117, 128-131; “Together in Pilgrimage Towards the 3rd Millennium: Ecumenical Focus on the Hispanic Community”, Ecumenical Trends 24:6 (1996) 81-82, 91-96.
The Multifaith Calendar. 
This stunning12-month calendar notes Aboriginal, Bahà’ì, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jain, Jewish, Sikh, Unitarian, Wicca and Zoroastrian festivals and holy days. Available from:
Multifaith Calendar Committee 
33 Arrowwood Place 
Port Moody, BC, Canada V3H 4J1 
Tel & Fax 604-469-1164
Email: cpander@wkpowerlink.com or david_spence@nwnet.org
Out of the Ashes: Burned Churches and the Community of Faith. 1997. Norman A. Hjelm. 
The story of the burnings and the response of the NCCC/USA and its member churches, with theological and social reflections. Available from:
Thomas Nelson Publishers 
501 Nelson Place 
Nashville, TN 37214 
Tel 800-251-4000; 615-889-9000; Fax 615-902-1287
Email: publicity@thomasnelson.com Website www.thomasnelson.com
Practicing Ecumenism. 
How to encourage local ecumenism: intercessory prayers for unity, suggestions for interchurch cooperation, suggestions for worship and ecumenical creativity, ecumenical articles and study information. For information, subscriptions and renewals contact:
Liturgical Conference 
P.O. Box 31 
Evanston, IL 60204 
Tel 800-354-1420  ext. 216
Email: customerservice@taylorandfrancis.com
Website www.liturgicalconference.org
Protocol for Mediating Ethical/Moral Difference within the Ecumenical Covenant.
A response to recent intensification of the sense of differences between and within churches on ethical issues, this leaflet offers guidelines for honest and respectful dialogue practical standards within the ecumenical context. Available free from:
New Mexico Conference of Churches
24 Hermosa SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108
Tel 505-255-1509; Fax 505-256-0071
Email: nmcc@nmchurches.org Website www.nmchurches.org
Singing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land: The African American Churches and Ecumenism. 1994. William Watley 
A portrait of the seven historic black churches, their worship life, international mission, theological enterprise and ecumenical relationships. Available from:
World Council of Churches Distribution Center 
International Specialized Book Services 
920 NE 58th Ave. Suite 300 
Portland, OR 97213 
Tel 800-944-6190; Fax 503-280-8832
Email: orders@isbs.com Website www.isbscatalog.com
A Sourcebook for Earth’s Community of Religions. 1995 (revised). Joel Beversluis, ed.
A fine reference tool of prayers and readings from religious traditions, reference material, directory information, political and ecological analysis, international documents, annotated resource guides and more.
Available from:
Global Education Associates
475 Riverside Drive, Room 1626B
New York, NY 10115
Tel 212-870-3290; Fax 212-870-2729
Email: globaleduc@earthlink.net Website www.g-e-a.org
Taking Steps Toward Christian Unity
Program ideas for local councils of churches and other ecumenically interested persons. Helps churches together find ways to celebrate their unity in Jesus Christ; affirm their diversity; witness together to all people; serve together to meet human needs; dismantle remaining divisions; grow into more visible unity. Available free from:
Massachusetts Council of Churches 
14 Beacon Street, Room 416 
Boston, MA 02108 
Tel 617-523-2771; Fax 617-523-1483
Email: council@masscouncilofchurches.org
Website www.masscouncilofchurches.org
That All May Be One: Catholic Reflections on Christian Unity. 2000. Ernest Falardeau. 
Creative essays on various unity themes arranged for each month of the year ensure an awareness of the importance of the church’s search for unity as a year-round concern. Available from:
Paulist Press 
997 MacArthur Boulevard 
Mahwah, NJ 07430 
Tel 800-218-1903; 201-825-7300; Fax 800-836-3161
Email: info@paulistpress.com Website www.paulistpress.com
That They May Be One: The Unity of the Body of Christ. 2000. Jeff Smith and André Leyva. 
This brief booklet examines how Christian Unity come about through the perspective of Christian living and deep faith in Jesus. Available from:
The Word Among Us Press
9639 Doctor Perry Road #126
Ijamsville, MD 21754
Tel 1-800-775-WORD  (9673); Outside the U.S. 011-1-1-301-874-1700
Fax: (301) 831-1188 – Website www.wau.org
The Vision of Christian Unity. 1997. Thomas F. Best and Theodore J. Nottingham, eds. 
Written to honor Disciples of Christ ecumenist Paul Crow. Informative, significant reflections on key aspects of the ecumenical movement. Available from:
Oikoumene Publications
130 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tel 317-635-3100; Fax 317-635-3700
Email: wshuffit@cm.disciples.org Website www.disciples.org
Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches 2016. Eileen W. Lindner, ed.
Indispensable, comprehensive annual directory of churches in the United States and Canada providing quick B reference access to names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers for church bodies, ecumenical and interfaith agencies, theological seminaries, religious periodicals, some non-Christian bodies, plus historical and statistical data. Available from:
National Council of Church
Office of the Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches
475 Riverside Drive, Room 800
New York, NY 10115
Tel 888-870-3325; 212-870-2031; Fax 212-870-2817
Email: yearbook@ncccusa.org


Call to Unity 
Call to Unity will be published 2-3 times a year as a resource for congregations to encourage and support local ecumenical efforts. It is an exciting change for us, and we hope that you will find Call to Unity a valuable and usable resource. Annual rate is $15. Available from:
Council on Christian Unity 
PO Box 1986 
130 E Washington Street 
Indianapolis, IN 46206 
Tel 317-713-2586; Fax 317-713-2588
Website www.disciples.org/ccu/
Ecumenical Courier: A Quarterly Publication of the US Conference of the World Council of Churches.  
Newsletter of the US Office of the WCC:
National Council of Churches USA/ World Council of Churches
475 Riverside Drive, Room 800
New York, NY 10115
Tel 212-870-2533; Fax 212-870-2528
Email: usa@wcc-coe.org Website www.wcc-coe.org/wcc/us
Ecumenical Review
A quarterly publication of the World Council of Churches containing articles on current issues in ecumenical relations and world affairs. Available from:
WCC Publications Office 
150 route de Ferney 
1211 Geneva 2 
Tel +41-22-791-6111; Fax +41-22-791-0361
Website www.wcc-coe.org
Ecumenical Trends
A monthly (except August) publication of the Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute containing articles on current developments, ecumenical news and documentation.
Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute
P O Box 300
Garrison, NY 10524-0300
Tel 800-338-2620  x3303; 845-424-2109; Fax 845-424-2163
Email: ecutrends@atonementfriars.org
Website: www.geii.org/ecumenical_trends/subscribe.html
Print and Digital USA: $30.00/year; Digital Version only, $15/year. Elsewhere: $40.00 per year.
Published quarterly, each issue is devoted to a particular topic, e.g. “The Growing Churches”, “Orthodoxy in North America”, “Christian-Muslim Dialogue”. News and Resources sections. Also published in French. Available from:
Canadian Centre for Ecumenism 
2065 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC H3H 1G6 
Tel 514-937-9176; Fax 514-937-4986
Email: ccocce@total.net Website www.oikoumene.ca/
Homily Service
A resource for preachers based on the ecumenical lectionary. Published monthly. Each edition lists the scripture readings for Sundays and feast days, with theological and homiletic reflections and creative pastoral ideas for breaking open the scriptural word. Available from:
Liturgical Conference 
P O Box 31 
Evanston, IL 60204 
Tel 800-354-1420, ext. 216
Email: customerservice@taylorandfrancis.com
Website www.liturgicalconference.org
Journal of Ecumenical Studies
A quarterly journal for scholars, distinguished for its coverage of developments in interreligious dialogue as well as of the ecumenical movement. Available from: Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Temple University
1700 N. Broad Street, Suite 315
Philadelphia, PA 19121-0843
Tel 215-204-7714; Fax 215-204-4569
Email: nkrody@temple.edu Website: http://dialogueinstitute.org
An ecumenical pastoral resource on liturgy for the renewal of the worship of the Christian churches. Quarterly. Available from:
Liturgical Conference 
P O Box 31 
Evanston, IL 60204 
Tel 800-354-1420, ext. 216
Email: customerservice@taylorandfrancis.com
Website www.liturgicalconference.org