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JANUARY 18–25, 2017

ART POSTER: Commentary on Art Piece

2017 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

About the artwork…

The image this year reminds the viewer of the  universe that is seeking to join together in the unity of Christ’s love and  is being compelled by Christ to be reconciled.  The background represents the universe in its vastness while at the center is the planet Earth as it is encircled by the Love of Christ.  The burst of light respresents Christ’s love as it compels the Churches to seek reconciliation with one another  in Christ. The denominational logos which surround the Earth serve as simple reminders of the various dialogues between those followers of Christ today who are compelled to seek reconciliation and unity in Christ.

The artwork for the 2017 materials was created by the Reliance Graphic Design of Canon, Georgia,.  You may visit their website at http://radiancedesign.us/ or they may contacted at 1283 Grace Baptist Church Rd., Canon, GA 30520  Phone: 706-400-9866 Email: radiancegraphics@gmail.com