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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

PREPARATION: Questions for Reflection on the Themes of the Eight Days

2014 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity we are invited to enter more deeply into our faith and to ask the question “Has Christ Been Divided?” The biblical readings, commentaries, prayers and questions for reflection, all explore different aspects of what this means for the lives of Christians and their unity with one another, in and for today’s world. These questions are provided as further opportunities to reflect upon the daily themes.

Day 1, Together... we are called to be saints

  • What does the term “communion of saints” mean for you or for your church tradition?
  • In what ways does our calling to be a “holy nation” compel us to go beyond our local Christian setting?

Day 2, Together... we give thanks for God’s grace in one another

  • What are the gifts of God’s grace that we already experience from other church traditions in our own communities?
  • In what ways might Christians of different traditions better receive and share the varied gifts that God has given to each of us?

Day 3, Together... we are not lacking in any spiritual gifts

  • In what ways have we forgotten the abundance of God’s gifts, proclaiming instead “we have no bread”?
  • In what ways can we better share the spiritual and material gifts entrusted to us to share with others?

Day 4, Together... we affirm that God is faithful

  • In what ways have you discerned God’s faithfulness in your life and the life of your community in the past year?
  • In what ways does God’s faithfulness inspire us to pursue the goal of Christian unity?

Day 5, Together... we are called into fellowship

  • In what ways do you experience the call into fellowship with God?
  • In what ways is God calling you into fellowship with others within your church and beyond?

Day 6,  Together... we seek to be in agreement

  •  Can you remember an occasion when the prophetic naming of a painful church disagreement was the beginning of a renewed struggle towards greater unity?
  •  What issues still cause divisions among us as an ecumenical body? What paths do you see towards greater unity?

Day 7, Together... we belong to Christ

  • What are the signs of “belonging to Christ”?
  •  In what ways can the phrase “I belong to Christ” be used to divide Christians rather than unite them?

Day 8, Together... we proclaim the gospel

  • In what ways is the “gospel” you have received bound up with its cultural and historic transmission ?
  • Has that been an obstacle to unity?
  • How would our fuller unity in Christ make us better witnesses to the gospel we have received?