A Selection of Thematic Music for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009

Guía Diario de Escritura y Oración


compiled by Dr. Geraldine Rohling, Archivist
National Shrine and Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, DC

The following is a brief selection of hymns that may be thematically appropriate for the celebration of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2009. Since permission to reprint texts, tunes and arrangements of musical pieces must be requested and paid for individually information is provided on the source from which these pieces may be located rather than the actual printing of their scores.


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“Thanks be to God” [Danket dem Herren] #526
“Christians, Lift Up Your Hearts” [Salve Festa Dies] #538
“Come, We that Love the Lord” [Vineyard Heaven] #552


GIA Publications, Inc.
7404 South Mason Avenue
Chicago, IL 60638
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“Santo, Santo, Santo / Holy, Holy, Holy” — Guillermo Cuellar #563
“How Can I Keep from Singing” / Text Robert Lowry
“As a Fire is Meant for Burning” [Beach Spring] / Text Ruth Duck
“I Bind My Heart” — Suzanne Toolan, SM / Text: “Thraldom The Tryst”, 1907, Lauchlan McLean Watt, 1853-1931.

The Hymnal (1940)

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“O That I Had a Thousand Voices” [Mentzer/ Koenig] Harmonischer Lieder Schaftz, 1738 #302
“Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire” [Tune: Saddick / text Bates G. Burt, 1941] #419
“God Moves in a Mysterious Way” [Tune: London New / Scottish Psalter, 1635; ad. John Playford, 1671] #310

Lead Me, Guide Me

GIA Publications, Inc.
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“Sweet Hour of Prayer” (#212)
“A Praying Spirit” (#213)
“I've Got a Feeling” (#252)

Other Hymns

(Publisher information is not available.)

“Blessed Assurance”
“Let's Just Praise the Lord”
“I am Praying for You”
“We Gather Together”
“Come We that Love Lord”
“Jesus, Joy and Treasure” -J.S. Bach
“O Lord, Increase my Faith” B Orlando Gibbons
“Rejoice in the Lord Always” - Henry Purcell
“Gather Us In” - Marty Haugen

Hymn Competition

In celebration of 100 years of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, the National Pastoral Musicians Association of the United States announced a Hymn Competition. The winners of this competition are printed within these materials. A one-time use permission is granted for celebrations during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2008. Should you desire to use the works throughout the liturgical year and for other celebrations, permission to use must be obtained from the publisher. Copies of these award winning hymns are available for download at www.npm.org. Pastoral musician Steven Ottományi and Paulist Father Ricky Manalo have been chosen as winners of this hymn competition. Their works follow.

“Family of Faith” - Steven Ottományi, 2007

Steven Ottományi, Director of Liturgy and Music at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Huntington Beach, California, has created a new hymn text entitled “Family of Faith” that may be sung to several different tunes familiar to English-speaking Christians. In just four brief stanzas the hymn forms a prayer to Christ to bring about the change of heart required for genuine unity in one family of faith.

Family of Faith Sheet Music [PDF]

Family of Faith
                    Steven Ottományi

Lord Jesus Christ, who rose from death,
Our spirit's life, our spirit's breath:
You show the way that leads to peace,
Where anger sleeps, where hatreds cease.

O Key of David, open wide
The doors now blocked by human pride.
Come, change our hearts, make clear our need
To follow where your will shall lead.

And still, O Lord, you walk our way;
You walk with us both night and day.
You call us, Lord, in love to be
A sign of hope, of unity.

So lead us, Lord, to live and claim
All that it means to bear your name.
Now make of us one family
Of faith, of hope, of charity.

Copyright © 2007, National Association of Pastoral Musicians and Friars of the Atonement. All rights reserved.

This hymn may be sung to the following hymn tunes:
PROSPECT, LM, W. Walter, Southern Harmony, 1835;
OLD 100TH, LM, from Genevan Psalter, attr. to Louis Bourgeois, ca. 1510-1535.
PUER NOBIS, LM, adapt. by Michael Prætorius, 1571-1621.
DUKE STREET, LM, John Hatton, c. 1710-1793.

“That All May Be One In Christ

Father Ricky Manalo collaborated with Spanish and Vietnamese text writers to produce a new Communion song entitled “That All May Be One in Christ”. Rodolfo López and Nguyen Dinh Dien translated the text of Manalo's English refrain and then each created three original verses in Spanish and Vietnamese in keeping with the theme of the song yet reflecting their own unique cultural perspective. The result is a liturgical song for the Communion procession that both seeks and expresses unity in diversity. The English version follows. For a copy of the hymn with the verses in the other languages, click the link below.

That All May Be One in Christ Sheet Music [PDF]


                                                                   Copyright © 2008 Graymoor Ecumenical and Interreligious Institute