Commentary on Art — Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009    

Guía Diario de Escritura y Oración


The artwork is the work of Sr. Ann Therese Kelly, CSSF, a member of the Felician Sisters and is Chair of the Fine Arts and Music Departments at Felician College.

Within the work, two hands holding Earth from above. Earth containing the continents, a circle envelops all continents. A cross is centered in the middle in white and gold.

The two hands represent God the Creator, with protecting hands holding and blessing the Earth, representing all of creation in the universe. The hands come from above.

The cross represents Jesus Christ in blessing over the Earth. The white of the cross symbolizes the Holy Spirit, completing the Trinity, the ultimate symbol of unity of the friendship of the Three, Creator, Redeemer, and Breath of Life.

The gold in the cross symbolizes transformation, in which we can become better that ourselves through Christ. Just as gold is most precious to humanity, so all of creation is precious to God.

The inner circle enveloping the continents also represents unity. The perfect circle has no beginning or end. Inside the circle lies the realm of heaven, while outside the circle, the reality of Earth. Both realms together create the Kingdom of God as Christ proclaimed: “The Kingdom of God is among you”.

(Sr. M Ann Therese Kelly, CSSF, is the chair of the Art and Music department as well as an Associate Professor of Fine Art at Felician College. Although she majored in Printmaking at the Rochester Institute of Technology (MFA), her specialty is stained glass. She designs and constructs windows for churches, chapels, retreat houses, and residences. She includes fusion and painting in her work. She has illustrated the cover on two published books as well as this poster for the Week of Christian Unity for 2009. She began teaching at Felician College in 2000 and resides in Rutherford, New Jersey. Her home is in Buffalo, New York where she has a stained glass studio.)

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