Commentary on Art 2007     

Guía Diario de Escritura y Oración


Title of the art: Heart Song

About the art: Mark Hakomaki…

I drew my inspiration for Heart Song by reflecting on the spiritual implications of Mark 7: 31-37, rather than the literal ones. To me the revelation of the passage is this: we must let God’s hand guide us through the myriad ways in which the divine voice speaks: the call of the bird, the song of the wind, the anguish of a hungry child, the sigh of the oppressed; and by listening and discerning to that which is true and good, and to that which needs to be said. However, it is ultimately by opening one’s heart that transfiguration occurs.

I chose pastels for this piece both for their brilliance as well as for the fluid blending of their colors.

The title, Heart Song, captures my feeling that the healing of Jesus is about the opening of one’s heart. Song is the highest expression of hearing and speaking.

About the artist:

Mark Hakomaki is a self-taught artist whose background includes a degree in Music Theory and composition and Design and Event planning. He is also an avid gardener and amateur wine maker.

Mark’s art has been published in two series from Twenty-Third Publications: “The Growing Faith Project” (2005) and “Into the Fields” (2006) as well as numerous book and magazine covers.


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